Perfect Time to Renovate or Build in Sydney

Perfect Time to Renovate or Build in Sydney

Looking to renovate your existing home and garden or build a new home in Sydney? Don’t delay, now is a great time to get started! Sydney is the place to be when it comes to renovation or new home builds at the moment. The NSW Government’s recent plans for growing Sydney will mean increased housing and equity value, shorter commutes and new housing builds in areas closer to friends and family, workplaces and schools, public transport, shops and services – ensuring that Sydney remains a beautiful, liveable city for all of its inhabitants.

What does this mean for you individually and why should you take this opportunity to build or renovate? Matt’s Skip Bins, Sydney’s trusted skip bin hire, with years of experience in the industry, has the answer. We’re delving into the exciting, new prospects and innovations in Sydney to keep you in the loop.

Increased Value of Sydney Housing

One of the main, recent developments in Sydney is the announcement of plans to build the Western Sydney Airport. The construction of the new airport will be a major generator of economic activity and will increase the value of the surrounding residential areas, therefore increasing your equity if you own a house nearby. In turn, this can offer you the available funds you need to invest in your long-awaited renovations to your home and garden.

While renovating may seem like a daunting task, don’t decide to up and move houses just yet. Changing your home may end up costing you a lot more money than it would have to simply renovate. Even if you don’t live near the newly-planned airport, renovating your home or garden can, in turn, increase your house value – saving you money in the long-term.

Other positives of home renovations include:

  • Adding value by improving your home’s size, layout or design so that the space is more pleasurable and functional. Therefore making it more attractive to potential buyers or simply for your family to live in!
  • Reduced maintenance and utility costs. The costs of home repair often increase significantly when maintenance is ignored or postponed too long. By starting an improvement project when a problem first appears, it will save you from additional, unwanted spending in the future.

The building of the new airport will create additional jobs and a demand for further housing to be built in the area so if you are a builder, carpenter or roofing company, then this can be great news for you, too!

If you need a skip bin for your residential or industrial projects, Matt’s Skip Bins can help. We know it’s important to get the size right – you don’t want to pay too much for space you don’t need and you don’t want to get stuck with extra rubbish, either – so, we offer a huge range of skip bins, big and small. We’re also on-hand to offer advice when it comes to choosing your skip bin so you can avoid those hassles.

Sydney Road Upgrades for Quicker Travel

At Matt’s Skip Bins, we are also known for our reliable and efficient skip bin hire in Penrith and Sydney suburbs rubbish removal services, getting your skip bin to and from your property quickly. In Sydney, there are plans for new road upgrades that will allow us to increase our efficiency and improve your travel and commute times – making the city not only a great place to live but a great place to work, too. Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with Sydney roads.

The Northern Road Upgrade

The Australian and NSW governments are upgrading The Northern Road from a generally 2-4 lane, undivided road to a 6-8 lane, divided road. This will improve safety, increase road capacity, reduce congestion and hasten travel times in the future. The new road upgrade will mean Matt’s Skip Bins have quicker travel times and will, therefore, be able to service our customers even more efficiently.

The Jane Street and Mulgoa Road Infrastructure Upgrade

This important upgrade by the Australian and NSW Governments will connect road users to the Penrith CBD and ease congestion at these intersections. Meaning? Faster travel during peak times so you can cut your commuting journey. This new road upgrade will grant us better travel times in the peak hours of the day, getting your skip bin to or from your site faster.

Our skips are rented out to Glenmore Park residents who are looking to get rid of any kind of waste.

New Nepean River Foot Bridge in Penrith

The NSW Government are also building a new pedestrian and cyclist Bridge over the Nepean River to connect Penrith and Emu Plains. The new Nepean River Foot Bridge will improve connections to existing and future shared paths, including the Great River Walk and will provide a safer crossing over the Nepean River for pedestrians and cyclists. The current path on Victoria Bridge has no barrier between the narrow footpath and road traffic. The newly-designed, straight truss bridge will additionally provide a generous width and unique structure that will be an attractive landmark for the area.

Sydney Housing and Renovation Designed By Climate

We already know that Sydney is hot in the summer and even more so in Western Sydney. In suburbs such as Penrith, where we’re located, which are locked off from sea breezes and surrounded by development can become even hotter. This is known as the urban heat island effect – when paved ground surfaces transport more solar heat downwards than soil. In Western Sydney, some of the new housing developments of the last 20 years are major hotspots, especially due to the rise in temperatures from climate change. You may wonder what can be and is being done.

Local councils and the NSW Government are converting golf courses into public parks and designing more living, green infrastructure and lighter, heat-resistant building materials. A network of conservation areas and green corridors are also going to be built to ensure the area’s unique biodiversity and vulnerable species are protected. Now, what can be done in your home? Renovating your garden with simple landscaping can help. By planting big shade trees in your garden, you can help to alleviate the future impacts of urban heat islands.

If you need a skip bin for landscaping, speak to our friendly team. Our efficient waste disposal services include garden and landscaping waste, such as grass and tree clippings, branches, woodchips, bark and light timber.

Building a New Home and Living in Sydney

 Sydney’s beaches, harbour, parklands and mountains make it a popular place to build and to live. The NSW Government are planning to improve the housing supply across Sydney with increased options in the homes people search for during different life stages so they can stay living in their local communities as they have children or age. Additionally, more homes will be built closer to areas with a high density of workplaces.

For those who are currently building or looking to build a new home, Matt’s Skip Bins have a wide range of skip bins for hire in Western Sydney, including Penrith, the lower Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury and Blacktown areas – suitable for building, renovating, landscaping, moving house or even if you would just like to do a spring clean. Why build a new home when you can make your existing home feel like new?

Skip Bin Hire for Home and Garden Renovations

Penrith-based, Matt’s Skip Bins offer skip bin hire in different sizes in and around Western Sydney. For rubbish, building waste and green waste removal, visit us online for prices and to book your hire online. Our professional and efficient rubbish removal experts are trusted in Sydney and have been providing the following services for many years:


  • Affordable skip bin hire for Sydney homeowners, renters and professional contractors like landscapers and builders
  • Rubbish and green waste removal services. We recycle and separate your rubbish, keeping as much as 90% of waste out of landfills.
  • A range of skip bin sizes to suit your needs: from 2 metres to 10 metres

Read more about us and our Sydney waste disposal services here.


Convenient Local Penrith Location

Matt’s Skip Bins are conveniently located in Penrith and are easily accessible to the surrounding areas of Kingswood, Glenmore Park, Cranebrook ,St Marys, St Clair & Erskine Park & Lower Blue Mountains surrounds.

Read this Infographic that will help you figure out which size bin is right for you or can come and chat with our team. We will be able to advise you on the best skip bin for your project requirements.


The Importance of Hiring a Skip Bin

When you’re building, renovating or getting rid of unwanted waste, it is crucial to use a skip bin service to undertake this safely and efficiently. Skip Bins are important for effective waste management because they allow you to organise the bulk collection of a range of waste materials for disposal and recycling.


At Matt’s Skip Bins, we bulk-collect your waste on a flexible basis – providing a far more effective method of disposing of waste than the normal, regular lift services that are generally available to households and small to medium-sized businesses.

Read our blog which outlines the benefits of hiring skip bins in Sydney.


Our skip bin and rubbish disposal services will:

  • Save you time and money – If you choose to dispose of your waste, you’ll have to drive to the nearest tip with a car full of rubbish. This is a tiresome and time-consuming process that can add up to major expenses. With a skip bin, all you have to do is make your booking, have it delivered to your location and load it with your waste then we will do the disposal job for you.


  • Offer convenience – saving you multiple trips to a tip, we can deliver your skip to any location that you need it in Sydney. Our skip bins are large enough for you to accommodate all of your rubbish in a single collection so we can dispose of your waste in one go.


  • Allow you to dispose of waste properly – an environmentally-friendly solution. Read more about our green waste removal practices below.


Green Waste Removal in Western Sydney & surrounds 

Like the NSW Government and their greener plans for Sydney, we are also committed to helping save the planet by protecting our fragile environment. At Matt’s Skip Bins, all of the collected waste from your skip bin(s) is sorted at our recycling yard in Penrith. Here, all products that can be recycled are separated, keeping as much as 90 per cent of waste out of landfills. In our skip bins, you can dispose of:

  • Green Waste – Organic waste such as grass and tree clippings, branches, woodchips, bark and light timber.
  • Dirt and Clay
  • Bricks and Concrete
  • Mixed Building Waste – Waste from household or industrial renovations, including mixed concrete, bricks, soil, tiles, timber and gyprock.
  • General Waste – Most general household waste, cardboard, clothes, toys, furniture, plastic, metal, light timber, appliances, light green waste etc.


For more information about what can go in our bins, see our waste types guide and book a bin via our simple online form.

We care about our local community and the exciting innovations that are being put in place for Sydney’s future. Take this opportunity to finally begin that renovation project you’ve been postponing! To hire a skip bin or mini skip in Sydney, fill in the contact form or phone Matt’s Skip Bins today on 02 4708 2927. We look forward to hearing from you.

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