How is waste disposed of?

How is waste disposed of?

How is waste disposed of?

Ever wondered what happens to the waste in your skip bin after it is taken away? You’re probably curious to know how exactly it is managed.

Waste management is a serious environmental topic that’s widely discussed in Australia. From general household waste bins to construction skip bins, Matt’s Skip Bins knows it’s important that your waste is disposed of properly.

Below, we run you through the strategies we follow for waste management and what exactly happens to your rubbish once it is taken away.


After the collection and transfer

At Matt’s Skip Bins, we are committed to reducing landfill waste when we can. This means once we pick up your rubbish skip bin, we bring it back to our recycling yard to be sorted personally through both manpower and machinery. In doing this, we can strive to recycle and reuse as much material as possible to reduce waste.

Once we determine what can be reused, we organise these into categorised piles (e.g. bricks, dirt, green waste, metals, etc.) Then, we send these materials separately to their designated facilities. This means that what can be recycled will be sent to recovery centres and the waste that can’t be  used again will be sent to the landfill.


With the world being more environmentally conscious, waste management is becoming more advanced, allowing us to minimise  rubbish that ends up in the landfill.

Even though we sort through the bins in our recycling yard,  we check them once more at the facility. So, when waste arrives at the designated sorting centre, the content is further examined, confirming what can be used again for the same or other purposes.

Take construction waste for example. Since many construction materials may still be useful, this is carefully sorted through in order to pick up items that can be reused and recycled for future purposes. This is extremely important with products such as glass or paper as they can be processed again.

Disposing and handling

For materials that can’t be recycled, they will be sent to a landfill to be disposed of.

As for the recycled piles of waste, they will be sorted in the facility and processed as needed in order to be reused in the future..

For example, once brick and concrete components are at the recycling facility, they will then be crushed and used again as aggregates. Similarly, timber and green waste will be shredded and mulched to be reused for landscaping purposes. As for metals, they will be melted down.

In order to limit landfill waste and practise environmentally friendly disposal procedures, hiring the correct skip bin is crucial. It is for this reason that we strongly promote putting the right materials in its designated bin and personally sorting your waste after collection as we want to do our part  for a cleaner environment.

Here at Matt’s Skip Bins, we feel passionate about upholding nature’s welfare and want to ensure that waste is handled in consideration to the environment.

That’s why when we provide you with skip bins in Sydney, you are assured of quality service that is environmentally friendly.

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