Consequences of neglected waste

Consequences of neglected waste

Consequences of neglected waste

When it comes to rubbish, the team at Matt’s Skip Bins actively encourages cooperative and frequent waste management.

Whether you hire us to handle your large waste needs or seek assistance on correctly using your household bin waste types (as long as it is properly disposed of and isn’t left to rot), we will always encourage positive waste disposal.

In some cases, individuals neglect their waste – or worse, dump it – leaving the community to deal with their mess.

To see why this is illegal and what the heavy consequences of such actions are, keep reading below.

Contaminates the environment

When waste is left to break down without being properly disposed of, it decomposes and disappears over time. However, when we say disappear, we don’t mean it’ll suddenly cease to exist.

Decomposed waste creates harmful greenhouse gases that have negative impacts on our environment, including the triggering of severe weather due to climate change contributions.

Furthermore, because of wind and rain, abandoned waste can travel and pollute our waterways, oceans and our parklands, which of course have detrimental impacts.

Waste can also be absorbed in our soil and groundwater, contaminating our water and produce.

Over time, it can have devastating impacts on a community’s food stock and water supply, deeming these essential resources unsafe to consume.

Water contamination

Danger to humans and animals

Neglected waste is a well-known environmental issue. And it can be extremely harmful to animals and humans.

As discussed earlier, waste is left to roam our communities, contaminating the environment.

For humans, this can create an unsanitary environment that isn’t healthy to interact with and of course, can cause health issues in extremely polluted areas. Not only would it be hard to breathe due to the released odours, but it would also invite and provide a breeding ground for pests to spread diseases.

As for animals, they sadly get the brunt of the impact. With waste released in the environment, they may get caught in certain materials. Whether it ties them up or gets stuck in their nostrils, waste can leave animals extremely vulnerable and cause injuries.

Furthermore, if items find their way into the ocean, many marine life and animals alike may mistake this for food. By swallowing harmful foreign objects, it can, unfortunately, lead to consequences and cause death.

Water pollution

Legal issues

A lot of neglectful waste is generated by illegal dumping in isolated areas and on roadsides. By doing this, not only does it openly contaminate the environment, but it is breaking the rules.

From clothes to old furniture, people try to dump items they don’t know how to dispose of.

For items that are too big or aren’t accepted in your generic wheelie bins, it is important that people understand there are other alternatives like hiring a skip bin. A small 2m skip bin would be all you need to fit unwanted furniture or clothes.

Littering is a serious offence in Australia, with NSW being no exception. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) enforces strict consequences on individuals and businesses.

This is in the hope of eliminating waste dumping that can harm the environment and society.

Strict laws are emplaced to help stop such activities, but if you’re caught dumping your waste, you will face the consequences.

Amongst on-the-spot penalties, there are also several heavy fines and possible prison sentences that could eventuate from negligent waste dumping.

Illegal waste dumping


As you can see, avoiding proper waste disposal is not worth the consequences.

Do you have bigger items in need of disposal? Book one of our skip bins online or give our friendly staff at Matt’s Skip Bins a call on 02 4708 2927.

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