What our drivers consider when delivering skip bins

What our drivers consider when delivering skip bins

What our drivers consider when delivering skip bins

Skilled and crafty, our drivers are more than your average delivery driver. While driving our trucks around is already a skill in itself, our drivers also need to deliver our skip bins – which aren’t exactly your average parcel.

When delivering your skip bins, there is more to it than just arriving and dropping off the bin. In fact, several things need to be considered. From convenience to pure safety measures, our drivers are experts who analyse everything to give you an efficient skip bin hire service.

Have you hired a skip bin? Here is what we consider when dropping your skip to your property.

The bin placement

One of the most important things we consider is your bin placement. When placing your bin, there are several things we need to consider to ensure we find the best spot possible. The very first thing we ensure is that the spot is big enough for your skip. A 10 cubic metre skip bin for example, will need more space than other sizes.

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Furthermore, we want to ensure the bin is in a logical place that can be picked up without trouble while making sure it is in a convenient spot for your hire that limits any damage to your property. This is why you mustn’t move it once our team has designated a spot!

When placing your bin, some things we consider include the ground, where most of your junk will be coming from and the space around it.

The access points

Another thing we consider when delivering your skip bin is the access points of the property that the bin will be at. It isn’t just our bin that should fit in these access points – our trucks need access so we can return and drop off your skip easily. Whether it be a commercial lot or a suburban house, this is something we look at when considering your request.

For example, if you want the bin out the back near a bush you will be ripping out, we consider the best way to get there and if it is possible. This may mean entering through a back gate or temporarily removing a fence from a neighbouring park to try and gain access.

Our team go above and beyond, getting creative to try and fulfil all requests where possible.

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The surrounding environment

An essential element when delivering your skip is to consider the entire surrounding environment. This goes for all properties we deliver to, but even more so for tricky predicaments, like narrow driveways and apartments or unit blocks.

There are external factors that could impact your hire that need to be considered. From the arms of our trucks to shared spaces that need to be avoided, unstable grounds, low-hanging power lines and other elements, it is not always so straightforward.

That is why our drivers are experts at their jobs, analysing the space before making a final decision on where to set the bin.

Have you already made or are you looking to book a skip bin? At Matt’s Skip Bins, we offer professional skip bin hire to Sydney residents and business owners.

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