Unexpected areas to clean out

Unexpected areas to clean out

Unexpected areas to clean out

With over a decade of operation in the industry, our team at Matt’s Skip Bins knows a shocking amount about residential clean ups. From your standard household items that are often thrown out to the most unexpected items in our bin, we identify many key areas in a home that need cleansing.

When most people think about cleaning up areas in a home, the expected wardrobe and garage areas are usually the first to be tackled. But have you considered the not-so-obvious parts of your home? While cleaning out the main living areas is all good and well to do, other neglected regions need to be checked as well for a perfectly clean house!

Do you know what overlooked areas we are talking about? Check this list to discover if you have any of these unexpected areas in your home overdue for a clean-out!

Under the house

The space under the house is an overlooked section that we often store items in, to only forget about it a short time later. Due to the space, it can be a logical storage option, but it can also quickly become a black hole in dire need of a clean.

Because it is located underneath the home, putting items that you may one day need again under the house can be considered like sweeping a mess under the rug. Easily forgotten, hidden and not acknowledged for a significant amount of time. But over time, it builds up.

Whether it be old canoes, leftover building materials, or pulled apart play equipment from when the kids were younger, we bet there is random junk taking up space if you have room under the home. For large areas such as this, you will want to keep our 10 cubic metre skip bin ready. Check it out and see what you can find; we bet there is plenty to be thrown out!

Attics and roof space

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the space above the house in the roof. Like under house storage, roof space and attics are excellent storage solutions but are also a spot you forget exists.

Enclosed and cool, this space is ideal for semi-regular used items such as objects that see use once a year. It is also a go-to place for boxes of random junk from when you moved into the home. From Christmas trees to old belongings, it is the perfect spot for items you won’t be taking out every so often.

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Because attic and roof spaces are looked at as go-to areas for irrelevant items, it will need a cleanout every few years to keep on top of it. It is encouraged you pull down the items stored in these spaces and go through them carefully. After that, you can simply waste what you no longer need.

Garden sheds

Take a look at your backyard. See that shed? When did you last clean it out? As the designated area for outdoor tools and items, sheds are often the spaces where objects are shoved and forgotten about once the door is locked.

It may be a simple storage shed or a workshop, but garden sheds can house many random items, depending on the purpose. Since this storage area is not usually put on display for visitors, garden sheds can become a rabbit hole for junk and old waste.

Dedicate time to go through this area and see what you can throw out. We bet you will find old dusty items that are no longer valid or work!

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Ready to clean up the above areas? If you are looking to go through and chuck out items from the unexpected spaces, we suggest having a skip bin ready on hand to chuck out what you no longer need.

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