Our Ultimate Guide to De-Cluttering

Our Ultimate Guide to De-Cluttering

You take one look at the piles of junk in the garage and you turn away. You glance at the overwhelming old timber and furniture piled up in your backyard and you close your eyes.

When you are overwhelmed at the idea of cleaning such a mess, it’s far easier to turn a blind eye. Eventually, the frustration of clutter will kick in, though. You’ll find yourself desperately wanting to rid yourself of it all but having no idea where to start.

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The ultimate guide to de-clutter your home or office, starting today-

The Best Way to De-Clutter Your Home

Being overwhelmed can often lead to avoidance. The best way to de-clutter your home is to section out the areas you want to de-clutter and attack those areas, one at a time. Set yourself a little timeline and reward yourself for good de-cluttering!

You also want to avoid procrastinating on what to do with items as it will take up too much time and you’ll lose your de-cluttering mojo. Get some boxes and label them things like charity, keep, sell, dispose and keep filling those boxes.

If You Don’t Use It, Lose It

The best way to ensure you don’t end up with the same sized pile of junk you started off with is to consider whether you actually use each item. If you don’t use it, or you haven’t in a very long time, then get rid of it! That includes things from your kitchen drawers your cabinets and all those corners in the garage that tend to accumulate your unwanted and unneeded objects.

The Best Way to De-Clutter Your Office

There’s nothing more debilitating to your motivation and focus than a cluttered office. Whether it is a home office or your office in a workplace, it’s not fun trying to find that one piece of paper you really need in amongst countless of papers that should have been thrown out long ago.

A messy office also gives the perception that you yourself are unorganised and unfocused. That’s not really what you want people think of your professionalism. De-cluttering your office will give you a refreshed drive and motivation to get things done and you’ll feel far more efficient than you ever have.

Here’s how you can de-clutter your office, fast.

Consider If You Need All That Extra Storage

The problem with shelving and filing cabinets is that they can often become home to unneeded things for many, many years. You are far more likely to recycle those papers if they are sitting on the surface of your desk than shoved in a cabinet. Clear out any excess storage and opt for a minimalist look instead.

Clear It All and Start Again

Sometimes the clutter in your desk drawers is just too overwhelming. Everything in there seems to be ‘important’ but it’s probably not. Why not try putting it all in a box for a week. Take out what you use over the week (or month if you really like) and then whatever is left over in the box can be disposed of.

For Homes and Offices You Can’t Go Past a Mini-Bin

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