Top places in your home to declutter

Top places in your home to declutter

Top places in your home to declutter

When it comes to cleaning out your home, there is nothing better than creating more space and decluttering a room.

Recently, we discussed how you can undergo an efficient spring clean. Now, we are going to tell you WHERE in your house you should start looking when decluttering.

At Matt’s Skip Bins, we see many bins come in and out and can tell you where a good chunk of rubbish can be found.  With our vigorous sorting processes, trust us when we say we see all your rubbish!

There are a couple of common places to check for decluttering. These include the places you often overlook and the areas in your home that have more junk than you would think.

Here are the top places in your home we frequently see de-cluttered.

Cleaning out the garage

Cleaning out the garage

Often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, your garage can be a big hoarding problem that is sure to generate waste over time.

It’s common for garages to be a place for storing broken tools, equipment and redundant or half-broken objects. You’d be shocked to see the amount of waste that is just sitting there, taking up space.

Usually crowded with storage shelves, boxes and cabinets, we recommend taking a look and dedicating time to decluttering these specific areas.

Common garage items we often see in our skips include:

  • Old hoses
  • Rusted tools
  • Empty paint tins
  • Broken lawn mowers


This is also a great time to go through and throw out what you no longer need. We bet there are outgrown children’s bikes or old chairs stored in there!

Make space and establish a proper storage structure by chucking out what is no longer needed.

Declutter your home office

Declutter your home office

Another room you must investigate is your home office. We often find a lot of objects that stem from home offices.

This room is a hot spot known to generate and have a lot of clutter. Make it a habit to frequently declutter the area and keep it wholly organised and neat.

Not sure what we are talking about? Look through all your paperwork! When it comes to cleaning out the home office, we see a lot of files and papers that are no longer relevant.

Do you need to keep everything you’ve printed out over the years? Most likely not! When a lot of paper or books are grouped, it can become bulky and take up a lot of unnecessary room, so it is best to go through and remove what is no longer needed.

There is also a lot of office furniture that gets chucked out, here are some to name a few:

  • Office chairs
  • Old desks
  • Filing cabinets
  • Bookcases


As home offices see a lot of use with many people now working from home, there tends to be a lot of wear and tear with objects after a while. While it may be a small area, the mess can be mighty.

For a home office, we recommend our 2m skip bin to conquer the cleanout.

Go through your bathroom and kitchen storage

Go through your bathroom and kitchen storage

Other rooms that frequently get used, if not spent the most time in is our bathrooms and kitchens.

Are you having trouble finding space under the sink, in the cupboards or pantry? This is most likely because it is overflowing and needs a proper cleanout!

Over time, you will be surprised what a bathroom and kitchen gather without you realising. With plenty of storage areas and an on-going circulation of products, there are a lot of items that are kept in these areas.

Items you may find in these rooms include:

  • Old cookware and utensils
  • Rusted shower caddies
  • Tattered towels
  • Empty bottles and boxes


By creating more space in your bathroom and kitchen, you’ll find these rooms are much more spacious and provide more room to fit in your necessities. You may even discover it is easier to open and shut doors!

Now that you know the hot spots in your home, it is time to declutter! With an array of sizes on offer, we have the ideal waste solution for you. For more on our bins or to book your skip bins online, visit our website today.

Alternatively, if you have a question on our skips or services in general, feel free to give us a call on 02 4708 2927.

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