Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

When it comes to our company, our skips aren’t the only major thing that keep us running.

One of the most vital tools in our trade is our beloved and reliable Isuzu trucks (even Isuzu knows how much we love these trucks – check out this article they wrote on us). Not only are they how we get around, but they also help us do a lot of our job.

They allow us to transport our skips to our customers and pick them up in comfort and style. Most importantly, they enable us to get rid of the rubbish when we go to different waste facilities.
But don’t be mistaken – our trucks aren’t your average truck. Each one is equipped with West-Trans skip loaders that help us do all the heavy lifting and delivering!

To find out more about the tools in our trade, keep reading below.

The FSR 140

The smallest member of our fleet, the FSR 140, is our trusty go-to for smaller spaces. Whether it be narrow driveways or gated properties, this reliable truck will be sure to get the delivery done in even the tightest of situations.

Often seen handling a 2m skip bin and others in the small to medium range of our skip collection, this truck is suitable for zipping around.

Fitted with the DS 80s skip loader, this truck has the ability to carry a bit over 7 tonnes – meaning, it may be small, but it should not be underestimated!

The FTR 900

It may be the oldest one in our collection, but the FTR 900 is our most versatile truck. Thanks to its body, the DS 120-S skip loader, this truck has remained a reliable member in our family for good reason.

With unmatched strength and terrific reach, this beauty can help us deliver skip bins in the most awkward of situations.

From dropping a bin over a fence to picking up a skip over the top of a low brick wall, this truck has helped us make the hardest of situations possible.

The FXZ 240

The largest member of our fleet, the FXZ 240, covers all of our heavier work. Featuring an MXS 150 skip loader, this truck has the longest tray, providing more strength and room for our work than any other truck we’ve had before.

Thanks to its long body, this is the reliable vehicle for busier days where we have to collect and drop-off several skip bins.

With a high cubic capacity for full bins, the FXZ 240 can carry more weight than any other truck, making it the usual companion for our large 10 cubic metre skip bins.

Now you know the tools of our trade, you might even be able to recognise which of our trusty Isuzus you encounter on the road!

For any more questions on our processes, visit our website or contact us to learn more!

Furthermore, if you need a skip, go to our website and book one of our skip bins online. You can leave a note and give us directions on where you want the skip placed to ensure contactless delivery.

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