Tips for a fast last-minute spring clean

Tips for a fast last-minute spring clean

Short on time but still want to declutter your home? Follow our list of top tips below for a fast, last-minute spring clean.

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How To Declutter

If It’s Broken, It Goes

If you’re not sure where to begin with your spring clean, start with getting rid of anything that is broken or no longer works properly. You may think that you’ll fix it, but if it’s been sitting in a box somewhere waiting to be worked on, the time has come to say goodbye. From computer equipment to kitchen appliances, get rid of everything you haven’t used in the last two years or anything beyond repair.


Tackle The Shed

Whether you actually have a shed, banish old items under the house, or in the garage, we all have a place where we hide things to deal with later. A spring clean is the perfect time to reclaim this space, so start with sorting out what you have. Certain chemicals and paints need to be removed in a safe way as stipulated by your local council. If you’re in Sydney, visit Recycling Near You to check out where to go and who to call. When it comes to old furniture and building supplies, depending on how much you’ve got you might need to hire a skip bin to help you get rid of it. Items such as old concrete and bricks will be reused rather than deposited into landfill.

Take Back Your Closet

Every single one of us has stuff in the closet that would be far better off somewhere else. Items of clothing that don’t fit your body or your personal taste anymore, are sure to find a happy home somewhere else. Wash these clothes, place them in a clean garbage bag and drop them off at your local op shop or clothing donation bin to ensure they find their way into the right hands. Keep in mind, however, not to clutter the op shops — if the clothing is questionable, get rid of it in a mini skip bin with the rest of the clutter. Everything else should then be organised in your closet by how you get dressed in the morning, saving you time when you’re running late.

Children’s Toys and Play Equipment

If you have small children it’s likely you’ve put up some kind of backyard fun zone for them to have a play in. If you’ve gone with the plastic stuff check that it’s still holding together, that there are no dangerous cracks and that there is no mould or mildew growing on it. If you’ve got the larger steel stuff, ensure it’s still sturdy and that nuts and bolts are all fastened tightly and not dangerously sticking out. If the kids have flown the coop and it’s covered in rust and vines, you best believe it’s time to get that thing out of there.

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