Skip bin hire hacks

Skip bin hire hacks

Skip bin hire hacks

At Matt’s Skip Bins, we want you to get the most out of your skip bin hire. That is why we want to share with you our secret hire hacks!

Our team often gets asked various questions from our customers wanting to achieve or avoid certain things. Common questions include those revolving around preserving lawns, acquiring the most affordable hire or restricting intruding neighbours from using someone else’s skip.

We say wonder no more! Rather than leaving you in the dark, we’ll let you in on our tricks so you can get the most out of your hire.

To discover our top skip bin hire hacks, keep reading!

Breakdown items

When hiring a skip, you’ll find the oversized items absorb the most amount of room in a bin. Seems normal, right? The bulkier the item, the more space it needs. Well, this doesn’t always need to be the case.

A trick we encourage our customers to do is to break down the larger items when possible. An excellent example of this is a table. When placed into a bin entirely constructed, it is a tall and wide object that gets in the way. But when broken down, it converts into planks of wood and screws, allowing more room for other waste.

Plus, certain content not initially allowed in our bins may be accepted if you pull it apart. Take large stumps in a green waste bin skip bin, for example. While these aren’t allowed as a whole, when chopped into smaller wood, it is alright to waste. Just remember to pull apart your items safely.

Use wood planks to hold up the bin

Hiring a skip bin but worried about the state of your lawn? You’re not the only one! It is a common thing to worry about your lawn if you have a long-term skip hire ahead, especially concerning the wight of the bin on your grass. We understand that establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn can take a while, so you want to keep it that way once you have it.

The answer? Place the bin on wooden planks! When concrete or dirt ground isn’t available and your only option is the grass, you can place wood under either side of the bin to keep it lifted off the ground as much as possible. While the wood may leave a mark, it’ll be much quicker to bounce back than having the skip directly on the ground.

Are you looking at a short-term hire? Having your skip on the grass for a few days won’t do significant damage; just make sure to give it a water once the bin has been removed.

share bin with a neighbour

Share your bin with a neighbour

Sometimes neighbours can be a pain, but there are instances when they can come in handy. On the rare occasion a customer finds themselves with a skip they won’t fully use but still need, we can ask a neighbour if they would like to chip in.

If you find yourself looking at a small amount of waste that is too big for your standard curbside bin but not quite large enough for our 2m skip bin, you may be surprised who is willing to share in your hire. Many neighbours may have some waste from a recent reno or general cleanout. That’s why we say it is worth asking to share a bin.

You can go halves when agreeing to share a skip, making it a more cost-effective waste solution. Plus, they may even let you place the bin on their side of the fence if you don’t have the room!

Find hidden nooks

You may find yourself looking at a large pile of waste taking up room in your skip bin, thinking, ‘how can I fit more in?’. After breaking down the oversized items, it may seem like there isn’t any more room to generate. Our tip? Go searching for nooks!

You want to use as much of the space as possible. So, look out for opportunities and take advantage of hollow items such as suitcases, boxes and containers. These spots are ideal for stacking up the smaller items inside an object’s space rather than on top of it.

We recommend sneaky spots such as draws, open shelves and pockets for the large items you couldn’t break down.

Keep your bin within fenced areas

If you have a lot of waste and 100% need all the room your skip can give, the last thing you want is for invasive neighbours to take advantage of your bin hire. Not only does it take up your precious space in your bin, but it gives them a free ride on your dime!

To avoid this, you’ll want to have your bin in a secured location. By placing your bin in a contained area that is closed or fenced off to the public when you aren’t around, you are limiting the opportunities for others to make a quick drop off.

A good idea is to keep your skip placement within your warehouse, backyard or a fenced-off driveway. Try to avoid open spaces such as on the side of the road or in a communal area.

Order your bin online

You can order our skip bins online by visiting our website for those wanting to save time. Our online booking form’s ultimate tool was made to streamline the skip bin hire process and make your life easier.

By filling in a series of questions about your required skip bin and the hire dates, you’ll be given an obligation-free quote. Once you’re happy with your hire, you can continue to pay for it through our secure system.

The best part is it is done within moments, from anywhere at any time!

Now that you know our hacks, stop wasting time and order your skip! For any questions on our skip bins, feel free to reach out to our friendly team by giving us a call on 02 4708 2927.

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