Renovations to focus on in the new year

Renovations to focus on in the new year

Renovations to focus on in the new year

New year – new house! If you can’t move homes, don’t let that stop you from obtaining a new home this year. You can make your existing property feel just like new; all it needs is a few renovations to update and modernise it.

Is renovating one of your new years’ resolutions, or have you wanted to update your home for years? Stop putting off a well-needed renovation – this is the sign you need to start putting plans into action.

Hire a construction skip and get to work! We’ve listed a few of our top renovations to focus on this upcoming year.

Renovate the kitchen

Out with the old and in with the new! If your home features a dated kitchen in desperate need of renovation, it might be time to give it a new look. On average, homeowners should renovate their kitchen every 10-15 years.

There are two approaches for a kitchen renovation –  you can do a simple DIY install or hire a professional team to do a complete transformation. No matter your approach, you will require a solid waste solution.


You can gut out your kitchen by hiring one of our skip bins and preparing it for a new install. This will also cater to waste generated from the new kitchen. For more extensive projects with plans to tailor the floor plan, one of our bigger skips may be of interest, as this can also cater to internal waste from construction.

Redo the bathrooms and laundry

Like kitchens, the other wet areas in a home, such as a laundry and bathroom, should be renovated every 10-20 years. If these rooms are starting to fall apart, this may be a sign it is time to update your home.

When it comes to bathrooms and laundry renovations, you will want to hire a team of professionals to ensure you have a quality result. In saying this, you still need to ensure there is a decent waste solution on-hand.


Removing the tiles, splashbacks and old bathroom items can cause a mess. This makes it essential you have a reliable waste bin ready. An industrial skip bin is a great option and available to help you remove the mess. Our 3 cubic metre skip is an ideal size and excellent for a complete renovation of a small-sized bathroom and laundry.

Fix up the bedrooms

In addition to the wet areas, it is crucial to ensure you give your bedroom a makeover. As your private sanctuary, your bedroom is a reflection of you and can often be the first room at the front of the house. This puts emphasis on the importance of modernising it and dressing it up for show.

Looking past the furniture and décor, you need to renovate the room itself. This means new walls, floors, lighting and general room features. These are simple renovations that you can do yourself.

After removing old materials and fixtures, you’ll still find something as straightforward as a bedroom can generate a mess. This requires a skip bin. You can easily use our general waste skips for these situations. It won’t just cater to materials from the bedroom – if you’re planning a full-home renovation, it will cater to all general waste made.

Will you renovate your home this year? Ensure you skip the mess and have a solid waste solution ready. With a wide range of skip bin sizes and waste types, Matt’s Skip Bins has the perfect bin for your situation.

Head to our website to book your skip. Making your job easy, our skip bins are now online. Backed with a secure payment gateway, you can book and pay for your bin within moments.

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