Reducing waste in the workplace

Reducing waste in the workplace

Reducing waste in the workplace

When it comes to the waste a workplace generates, our team at Matt’s Skip Bins understands better than anyone. Not only do we empathise because we run a business ourselves, but because it comes with the nature of our job and general operations.

Day to day we get an insight as we handle and witness the waste of countless businesses thanks to our skip bin hire service across Sydney. So believe us when we say we understand how easy it is to accumulate waste.

However, our trade also helps us know HOW you can reduce the amount of waste you produce in the workplace. Here’s the good news, if you are concerned about the amount of waste your business is creating, you can do something about it!

To learn more about the simple measures you can introduce to minimise your waste in the workplace, keep reading.

Buy your office supplies in bulk

If you want to decrease the amount of junk your business generates, a simple yet effective change is to buy your items in bulk. In a workplace, many used items can often be ordered in wholesale. 

Buying large quantities of supplies may seem expensive at first, but it is economical, eco-friendly and savvy. 

When buying your office supplies in bulk, you are reducing the amount of packaging used. Ordering in a standard amount is redundant when you can get more in one big batch all in one simple packaging. It ultimately solves the issue of all the unnecessary extra packaging. 

Plus, your product supply will last longer, minimising the number of orders you would typically make for that same stock. This method effectively reduces the packaging you go through and eliminates the transport pollution involved with your standard orders! 

It will generally work out cheaper for you too. Buying in bulk naturally minimises the unit expense for the supplies. In the long run, it lessens the number of purchases/deliveries you require, converting it into one big buy.

Not sure what items you can purchase in bulk? You’ll be surprised what can come in wholesale! A few examples include pens, food items, cleaning materials, toilet paper, envelopes, ink etc.

Introduce recycling and reusing strategies

Introduce recycling and reusing strategies

To make a difference in the amount of waste your workplace creates, we suggest implementing strategies that promotes recycling and reusing materials.

Reusing items means you can cut down on the waste in your workplace. By giving it a different purpose, you are also limiting the amount of waste being sent to landfills, which is a bonus.

Does your work use a lot of paper? Recycling your paper is a mindful method that will help the environment. Not only will it allow the paper to be repurposed in the future, but it can also help clean out and regulate your paper waste in a more straightforward method.

This can be done by introducing a recycling bin or collecting recyclable goods to be used again whether it be as scrap paper for notes or wrapping delicate items in packages.

Go electronic for paper-based items

In these modern-day times, most paper-based items are being converted to electronic versions. Physical paper copies like bills and receipts are seeing less and less usage as time goes by.

The most apparent win from this is it limits the amount of paper your business goes through. This helps deter deforestation by lowering your paper need, helping the environment in many ways. Plus, you save money on paper cost!

On top of eliminating a large amount of paper waste your business generates year-in-year-out, you contribute to limiting any physical contact that is not needed. 

This is incredibly important for safety and health reasons. It is also convenient for fast-paced businesses that can’t see customers face-to-face.

Turning digital also helps your business maintain a digital trail of all records sent. This makes it easier to track orders and bills. 

Go electronic for paper-based items

Here records are made easily accessible by many of your customers, allowing them to generally access information by desktop, phone or tablet.

As time goes by, more and more people are turning to digital copies. This doesn’t just go for big companies; many smaller businesses are relying on online platforms to distribute their paperwork as well.

Not sure what to turn digital? Receipts, invoices, contracts and quotes are just some of the initial paper-based items you can turn green by going online. 

If you must keep something on physical paper, just remember to recycle it properly when it is no longer valid!

Use a solid waste solution that is eco-friendly

An eco-friendly waste solution plays a critical point if you want to effectively limit the waste you produce. The last thing you want to do is go through the trouble of reducing your waste for it to go through a waste company that doesn’t care where it ends up.

A good idea is to look into your options. For small businesses, opting for a domestic company with strict guidelines and their own waste facility is recommended. 

For bigger, most industrial businesses, a skip bin makes for an ample yet efficient choice. Having years of experience in managing waste, we highly suggest hiring skip bins as the best option.

When you fill a skip bin from Matt’s Skip Bins, you will have peace of mind knowing we sort the materials in our independent waste facility. After that, we send them off to their rightful facilities. 

We also do what we can to ensure as little waste as possible is sent to landfill, recycling what we can.

As a company, opting for a reliable yet environmentally considerate waste solution means you are doing as much as you can to operate sustainably and to limit your impact on the environment.

Now that you have some suggestions of what you can do to limit your waste, go forth and get started! 

If you need a skip bin for your general needs or for a once-off clean-up to get started on your waste journey, give Matt’s Skip Bins a call! With our skip bins online, you can order on our website within minutes!

For any enquiries on our services and waste types, visit our website or give our friendly staff a call on 02 4708 2927.

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