Office move checklist

Office move checklist

Office move checklist

Moving offices is just as daunting as moving homes. When relocating a business, there is a lot to consider. In addition to general services and setups, moving can require a lot of effort, not to mention that there is a fair bit to do.

At Matt’s Skip Bins, we see a fair few offices requiring our skip bin hire across Sydney. A skip bin doesn’t just provide a solid waste solution, it can make your move easier by removing and wasting the rubbish on your behalf.

To make it even easier, we’ve generated a quick checklist to help make it easier to itemise what needs to be done when moving offices. Find our office move checklist below.

Organise a skip bin

The first thing you should do is sort out your waste solution. With a move up ahead, there’s a good chance you’ll chuck a fair bit of rubbish out. This means you need a solid waste solution like a skip bin.

With our skip bins online, booking a skip bin has never been easier. All you need to do is select your ideal bin, size and preferred dates. We recommend having a bin on site for at least a week before you move.

Organise a skip bin

Take stock of your inventory

The second thing you will need to do is take stock of your inventory. Sorting your stock and recording your supply will allow you to start on the right foot after moving to your new location.

This will also help you organise your inventory and keep track of anything that might go missing in between the move.

Throw out expired items

The third thing you should do is chuck out expired items. While going through the stock, you will get a chance to clean and waste anything that is no longer valid. Make sure to check any best before or expiry dates for items.

It can also include items that should be disposed of and replaced every so often, like office chairs. Use this time to also throw out any broken objects or items that are missing parts and cannot be utilised. A 4 cubic metre skip bin is the perfect size for large furniture pieces you want to dispose of.

Skip Bin

Transport furniture to a new location

After recording your inventory stock and throwing out anything you no longer need, you should now only have the items you want to move with you left. This means it is time to move the furniture to your new location.

There are a few ways to transport the furniture. You could hire a removal service to assist in the move or attempt to move the items yourself. This could be done with a van, hire truck or trailer.

Clean up the office

Finally, you need to do the final cleaning of the office. This is the last step once everything has been moved and the space is empty. Give everything a thorough cleaning and wipe it over.

The floors, walls, toilets and kitchens are good places to start. If you have rubbish still lying around or furniture pieces you no longer need, throw them in your skip bin before your hire service picks it up.

If you’re moving offices soon, make sure to look back on this checklist! Are you about to move? Hire one of our skip bins for a solid waste solution. With several waste types and skip sizes, Matt’s Skip Bins has got you sorted.

Book our skip bins on our website or give us a call on 02 4708 2927.

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