Loading your skip bin properly

Loading your skip bin properly

Loading your skip bin properly

Have you got an empty skip bin ready to be filled? Wait – don’t put anything in just yet!

Why? Well, we want you to get the most out of your skip bin!

When it comes to filling skips, people might get carried away chucking things away. But what they DON’T KNOW is that loading a skip bin can be just like a game of Tetris.

If you stack your items correctly, you will get the most out of your bin and win! This means more space, and more things to throw away.

Not only that, but how you stack it can completely change your pick-up situation, too.

Want more room with a quick and easy pick-up? Then you’ll certainly want to keep reading below.

Why you shouldn’t fill above the line

Before we go ahead and tell you the benefits of smart stacking, we should let you know why you shouldn’t be filling above the line. Overfilling your skip is a significant issue to not just our drivers but to you and the community as well.

Did you know it is illegal to transport a skip that can’t be safely tarped? By stacking your rubbish too high, you will be making it harder for the bin to be safely covered. And if we can’t cover the skip, we won’t be able to transport it back to our depot off your property.

Your bin needs to be safely covered while in transit, otherwise, objects may fall out. This is not just littering, but it can also cause hazards on the road and contaminate the environment.

Secondly, we offer other skip bins for a reason! If you think a bin is going to be a tight fit for all your waste, we recommend looking at bigger skip bin sizes, so you have plenty of room to play around. This way, you don’t overflow your bin and there won’t be any issues during pick-up.


Tips for stacking your skip bin

When it comes to filling your skip bin, it is essential you strategically place objects in, rather than throwing it all in at any point.

By organising as best as you can, you can maximise the space and make the most out of your skip hire.

Tips for Stacking your bin efficiently

  • Tip #1: List what you need to throw away.

In cases such as spring clean-outs, you may have a good idea of what items are being thrown out.

By having a rough idea of the amount of waste you have, you’ll be able to narrow down the size you need.

This can even allow you the opportunity to go one size bigger, i.e., if you estimate you will need a 3m bin, order a 4 cubic metre skip bin instead for the excess items that may pop-up.

  • Tip #2: Start with all the flat items first.

By filling your skip with flat objects (e.g., tabletops, wood etc.) at the bottom, you can maximise space by having them layered on top of each. After this, heavy objects should follow. You should also break down and pull apart any large furniture items when possible.

  • Tip #3: Place light items, such as pillows and clothes, at the top.

By placing the lightest pieces at the top, such as pillows or clothes, it will be easier to cover it with the tarp. This is because it can be more easily kept down, rather than having chunky items overflow at the top.

Properly filled skip bin

The benefits of smart stacking

By smartly stacking your items, you will get more space out of your bin. It will allow you to fill gaps and any air pockets, giving you more opportunity to put objects in.

Furthermore, by doing it correctly, you will minimise any pick-up issues. Every now and then, our drivers will come across a bin that has been overloaded. This prolongs the process.

Our drivers must try and re-stack the items, occasionally having to leave objects on the site as they cannot fit. Not only is this unfair on us due to the time constraint, but it also means you will potentially still have waste left on your property.

By simply following the ‘do not fill above’ line, we will both have the best-case scenario.

Overfilled skip bin

Now you know how to fill a skip, you can go ahead and make the most out of it! If you are yet to get a bin, order through our website today. With plenty of sizes and waste types to suit your needs, our skip bin hire is the most versatile in Sydney.

For any enquiries on stacking your rubbish on the skip, give our friendly staff a call on 02 4708 2927.

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