How Waste Management Helps The Environment

How Waste Management Helps The Environment

As our population grows and consumer habits continue to grow, how we manage our waste is more important than ever. Many people don’t think about where their food scraps, old batteries, flat tyres and broken furniture end up once they’ve thrown them away. In order to change our waste sorting and recycling practices, it’s important to understand just how waste management helps the environment.

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Green Waste Benefits

Reduced Waste In Landfill

Waste management helps to conserve space in existing landfills and reduce the need for future landfills. When the waste is collected using an appropriate type of bin or skip, it is not usually taken to a landfill. Instead, the waste removed from these bins can be recycled and used in the package, automobile, and electronic industries. This is good for the environment and also promotes the success of those other industries.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

By compacting general waste and recyclables, rubbish and recycling collections need to take place less frequently. The benefit of recycling and waste management via this simple practice helps in preventing illegal rubbish dumps that are extremely detrimental to the environment. It also assists in improving the carbon footprint of the home, store or business.

As workers become more conscious of how their waste management strategies are impacting the environment around them, they tend to become more responsible and vocal in ensuring a greener waste management process is put in place in their workplace, so keep one step ahead by implementing these steps before they even ask.

Reduced Release of Toxic Chemicals

Illegal disposal of waste and dumping of rubbish results in a release of harmful toxic chemicals into the environment. Mixing chemicals when disposing of them incorrectly can also create a flammable Biohazard that can harm both you and the environment. Waste products that contain certain chemicals should not be mixed with other components that cause these toxic substances to be emitted into the air. By encouraging the use of skip bins on work sites, the waste is disposed of safely and the health of the environment is not compromised.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Many recycling processes consume less energy than manufacturing the same thing from new materials, which requires extraction and processing. Almost all recycling processes are more energy efficient than the processes used for brand new materials. For example, recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount of new aluminium.

Reduced Pollution

By recycling more of our products and materials, we reduce pollution associated with the manufacture of new materials. We also reduce pollution by safely disposing of items such as batteries, which contain certain heavy metals that can pollute the environment. These metals include nickel, mercury, lead, sulphuric acid and cadmium. The recycling process allows batteries to be disposed without causing potential harm to the environment.

Green Waste Removal

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