How to successfully dispose of your e-waste

How to successfully dispose of your e-waste

How to successfully dispose of your e-waste

In this current day and age, we rely on technology more than ever. When electronics begin to give you grief, it is more common than not that replacing technology is easier and more affordable than repairing. This results in a staggering amount of e-waste generated within households and businesses across Sydney.

Do you find yourself with a large volume of e-waste? If you are unsure how to successfully dispose of your e-waste, here is what you need to do.

Clear the device and factory reset

The first thing you should do when disposing of e-waste is to make sure it doesn’t have any personal data. For privacy reasons, you want to clear or factory reset items where possible.

While typical household e-waste like washing machines and kitchen appliances won’t have anything for you to clear digitally, other common e-waste items may have data stored that you don’t want going further than your home. Such items that can contain and save delicate information include computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Before throwing away or donating your electronics, factory reset it and clear your information from it. This will take it back to its original condition, just like new. Instructions to do this can generally be found in the manufacturer’s guide.

How to successfully dispose of your e-waste

Resell where possible or take to a drop-off point

Before throwing it away, see if there is any value in reselling your electronics. Some electronics can be given new life through a second-hand sale. At Matt’s Skip Bins, we are all for giving for purpose to items.

After factory resetting and clearing your device, use community forums like Facebook Marketplace or Gum Tree to sell your item. If there is no value in reselling, look at drop-off points. Phones, for example, have drop-off points with certain telecommunication giants.

How to successfully dispose of your e-waste

Throw in a skip bin when no longer useable

If selling and drop-off points are not available for your electronics, a skip bin is the most efficient way to get rid of them. Throwing it in your council bin isn’t an option as not only can it be too big, but e-waste can also contain hazardous materials that require proper disposal.

This is where a skip bin comes in handy. Our skip bins are often used for general household items, including e-waste. Large enough for appliances, you can hire a 2m skip bin for the smallest of clean-ups that need space for old dishwashers or TVs.

Once your bin is collected, we take the skip back to our private recycling yard, where we sort through the contents. We ensure e-waste materials go through the normal scrap metal process to guarantee it is getting handled properly and that any recyclable material is saved for further purposes.

Do you have e-waste you need to dispose of? Matt’s Skip Bins can help! We cater to all e-waste materials, accepting these items in our general waste skip bin.

Delivering skip bins across Sydney, we can provide you with a skip bin to solve your e-waste issue. To see the full-service areas we service and to get a free quote, head to our website. For further information, speak to our friendly team at 02 4708 2927.

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