How to properly put waste into your skip

How to properly put waste into your skip

How to properly put waste into your skip

Chucking away waste in a skip bin sounds relatively straightforward, right? You take what you don’t need and place it in the bin. Sure, that works! But if you’re looking to maximise your skip bin hire and want to get the most value from your money, there needs to be a little more planning involved.

Do you want to get the most bang for your buck? Here is how you can put waste into your skip bin properly.

Put bulky items in the bottom

Sometimes, you need to waste bulky items that cannot be broken down any further. When this is the case; you need to stack your bin strategically.

It is crucial that you first put the flat items at the bottom. This makes the most out of the space you are given. Once flat items are put in first, follow it by putting the bulkier objects at the bottom. By positioning the heaviest things at the bottom, you will balance the bin.

Break down large items

The bigger the item, the more space it takes up. That is why we recommend breaking down items when possible. This will condense the items and, in hand, provide more space. This is key for all bins, but mainly our small 2m skip bin as it already has the least space of all the bin sizes.

If it is a big item like a table, try removing the legs and chopping the flat surface down bit by bit. For shelving, take out the shelf inserts and try to break down the shelf body itself so it takes up less room in your skip. Once larger items are broken down, you can better stack them up in the bin and maximise the space available.

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Fill void areas

Some items cannot be broken down any further but have hollow spaces that take up space in your bin. In these cases, we recommend getting creative and filling these void areas.

Whether it be a desk drawer or the inside of a chest or dressing table, don’t let any space remain unfilled. This could be a space where you can put smaller items like old broken utensils or photo frames.

Keep below the rim

Most importantly, the one thing you should always follow to ensure you stack your bin properly is keeping it below the rim. On all of our skips, we have a ‘do not fill above rim’ warning. This is here for a reason.

We require all bin content not to exceed the rim as this can be problematic for numerous reasons. Firstly, we may need to restack your bin and leave content behind. Secondly, overfilled bins can’t be covered, making it illegal to transport. We must tarp over each container before transporting it; otherwise, this can cause a road hazard.

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