How to prevent people from using your skip bin

How to prevent people from using your skip bin

How to prevent people from using your skip bin

Imagine this: you’ve paid a fair amount to hire a skip bin in your front yard. After a few days of hire, you slowly start filling the bin but leave it half empty for the rest of your junk. The next morning, you wake up to notice the bin filled to the brim with objects you didn’t put in there. Someone has used your skip!

There is nothing more annoying than people taking an opportunity you paid for, disadvantaging you in the long run. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to take advantage of a skip bin they didn’t pay for. We see this often with our skip bins around Sydney – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stopped!

To help deter local pests from using your skip bin, we have a few suggestions to make your bin more secure. Here’s how you can stop others from using your skip bin.

Place the bin near the security lights

When people sneakily use the skip bin you’ve paid for, they know that they are in the wrong. Especially when they are trespassing onto your property to access! That is why many use the veil of darkness at night to use your bin so they aren’t caught.

To interrupt the camouflage of night and to deter people from using your bin, place the skip near security lights. The lights will be triggered, turning on when movement is picked up near the bin. This will hopefully scare them off or make people reconsider before using the bin. Extra points if you have security cameras so you know who the culprit is!

Pick a gated spot if possible

Depending on the area, you may also want to nominate a space that is gated for your skip bin drop-off spot. If you can open the gate to accommodate our truck, then this will be an ideal spot.

This means when you’re away from the bin and not using it, you can lock it up and keep it inaccessible to the public. This will stop people from using it as it will make access harder.

Pick a gated spot if possible

Organise a short hire

Another way to keep people from taking advantage of your skip bin is to organise a short hire. This means booking as few dates as necessary.

By limiting the amount of time you have a skip bin, you are giving a small window of opportunity for someone else to use it. We recommend having all the junk you need to throw away ready so you can chuck it out straight away. This will allow you to only need the skip bin on your premises for a short time.

Fill your bin as fast as possible

How fast can you fill your skip bin? A way to deter others from filling up your bin is to fill it up first! By filling up your skip bin, it will be hard for someone else to take up the space if there is none there on offer.

Similar to a short hire, try and have your waste ready on standby so you can fill your skip as soon as it arrives. Just make sure to be efficient and fill the bin, rather than dragging it out and leaving it empty for a long period of time.

Now you know how to deter others from using your bin, are you ready to book your skip? At Matt’s Skip Bins, quality service isn’t the only thing we offer – we also have a wide selection of skip bins. From a 2m skip bin through to our 10m skip, we will have a solution for any waste scenario.

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