How our skip bin hire works

How our skip bin hire works

How our skip bin hire works

Ordering a skip bin doesn’t need to be a hassle. With Matt’s Skip Bins, our skip bin hire is easy and streamlined.

We understand our customers want their waste gone without difficulty. It is our mission to ensure this is met without any problems. In short, we make getting your waste sorted simple.

If you’re looking to organise a skip bin, read up on how our skip bin hire works. We’ll help you understand what is expected and why you will never want to take your business anywhere else!

Check out our process below.

1. You order your skip bin

To start your skip bin hire, the first thing you need to do is order your skip bin. Convenient, fast and easy, you can book our skip bins online at any time.

Our online booking form is the choice method for booking your skip bin and can be easily found on our website. Here you will find all information needed, including our array of bin sizes and waste types. You will also get an obligation-free quote on the spot.

Once done with following all prompts and filling out all necessary fields, you can securely pay for your bin in one complete process. It is that easy!

Alternatively, you can also order your skip bin over the phone if you prefer. Feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff and we can arrange your skip hire by gathering all required details. You can also pay for your order over the phone. The choice is yours!

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2. We drop off your bin

When the selected delivery date comes around, you can expect our drivers to drop your chosen bin.

For a hassle-free drop-off, we recommend you prepare the intended skip bin area a day before delivery. This means making sure there is a clear path for our drivers to drive and move the bin from the truck to the ground.

If you don’t want the bin directly on the ground, we recommend using stable planks as a buffer and have it laid out ready to go for delivery.

Ideally, someone would be around for the drop off to direct our drivers to the designated bin area. Otherwise, if you are not around, you can provide a detailed arrangement of where you would place the bin with our staff before the bin is delivered.

3. We pick up your bin

Fast forward through your hire and it is now time for your bin to be picked up. Whether you have called our staff for an earlier pick-up or the initial pick-up date, a driver will confirm they are on the way.

Just like the delivery, we ask that you please clear the surrounding area and provide an open path for our trucks to navigate to your bin. This means moving any cars or machinery. We also ask that the bin is not overflowing so we can cover and remove your bin in a smooth process.

If you require your pick-up date to be extended, please give us advance notice before the original pick-up date. We understand that not everything goes to plan and are always happy to accommodate your needs with enough notice.

For more on our pick-up, read our recent blog on what to know about your bin pick up here.

Essentially, our process has been tested and tried for over a decade now. We have made it as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers while maintaining professionalism.

To book your skip, head to our website where you can find all our waste categories and skip bin sizes to explore and book within minutes.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our team. While we have answered many common questions in the FAQs on our website, please call us on 02 4708 2927 for further enquiries.

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