Household Building Waste Regulations in Sydney

Household Building Waste Regulations in Sydney

Renovating, reconstructing, extending or building a new home can be incredibly exciting, but also pretty time consuming. You’ll have a lot on your mind, from building relationships with the contractors or tradesmen to design and construction. One thing that often slips through the cracks is the concern over what to do with household building waste.

If you live in Sydney, this matter won’t be sorted with the rest of your rubbish. At Matt’s Skip Bins, we deal with household building waste on a regular basis, so we are aware of the city’s rules and regulations regarding the matter. Here is some information and a few tips to help you follow the law and stay ahead of the game.

Household building waste accumulated outside Sydney home.NSW Makes Moves to Divert Waste from Landfills

In recent years, NSW has been successful in diverting 75 percent of construction and demolition waste from landfills. It is a bit more difficult to achieve the same or better results with household building waste if individuals aren’t aware of their options. The best way to divert household building waste is through on-site re-use, re-sale or reprocessing of materials like concrete, timber and bricks. This is also much more cost effective for any building project that you are currently undertaking at your home.

What to do with Building Waste?

Unfortunately, household building waste cannot be put into your council-approved recycling or rubbish bins. You are required by law to make sure your waste is taken to a waste facility that will lawfully and responsibly dispose of and deal with construction and demolition waste.

You also have the option of reusing or recycling building waste materials. With a house deconstruction, you can remove and separate building materials and fixtures. This will allow for more materials to be recovered and for less to be thrown into the landfill. This is a very cost effective option when you consider the costs of transporting items to landfill and the re-use and re-sale value of building materials.

Hire a Skip Bin

If you already know that a building or construction project is going to produce a lot of waste you must have a designated place to put the waste. Hiring a skip bin is an efficient and convenient way to store and dispose of your waste. You can hire one or more skips in many different sizes and even book it in online! Our company can work with you to determine a drop-off and a pick up schedule, and we can then take your bins to the waste management facility for you.

Environmental Issues with Improper Disposal

The main problem with improper disposal of household building waste is that it just goes to landfill. The decomposition of organic waste increases the amount of methane released into the environment, and even the transport of your waste to the landfill adds to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being released.

In addition, many materials that have been used in a building can negatively affect human health and the environment, like chemically-treated wood and solvents that can lead to pollution or problems with hazardous soils and asbestos.

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