Getting value for money with skip bins

Getting value for money with skip bins

Getting value for money with skip bins

When it comes to skip bins and hiring one in Sydney, many people get the wrong idea by assuming it will always be a far too expensive waste solution. This is wrong! While some hires may be more expensive than others, not all skip bins will cost you an arm and a leg.

In fact, at Matt’s Skip Bins, we strive to provide quality yet affordable skip bins to our customers — from Penrith to Liverpool and all over Western Sydney. You’ll find our prices are much more accommodating than our competitors.

We believe affordable skip hire should be attainable. To help further prove this, we’ve put helpful tips below on how you can score a savvy skip bin hire.

Here are tips and simple advices on how you can utilise a skip without pushing your savings.

Think about your waste needs in the long run

Now, this is important! We see a lot of people rush into ordering a skip and kicking themselves later when they realise they need to order another bin, as they underestimated the amount of waste they have.

Overfilled skip bin

If you want to get the most out of your skip, we recommend you have an in-depth look into what you are disposing of.

By knowing exactly what you are throwing away and catering to the required size, you will ensure you are getting a bin that is big enough without having to hire another one later on.

Furthermore, it would be best if you consider whether there is MORE you want to get rid of. You may only have the garage on your mind but if you later realise there is more around the house or in storage you need gone, this can be a pain.

Instead, look at what you are throwing away and anticipate waste you may want to add on as you go.

To ensure you are prepared for any additional bins, we recommend having a look at our skip bin sizes and going up a size to what you were planning, just to be safe. This way, you will only order one bin instead of multiple, saving yourself money!

Keep it with the professionals

When you shop with Matt’s Skip Bins, the one thing we can guarantee is, what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, which includes being transparent and upfront with our customers.

Skip bin pick up

If you order a skip through our online booking form, you will find the exact price of your order. There is no hidden fee that we’ll surprise you with outside of this!

There is nothing worse than unanticipated costs that can make the original price much higher! But unfortunately, this is what you can get by ordering skip bins with third party websites.

You may think you are getting value for money when you see their initial low price, but this is how they get you! Once they have picked up your skip bin, they hit you with hidden costs that you are required to pay.

Don’t get caught out with the scammers! Rely on professionals like us at Matt’s Skip Bins to get real value for your money.

Other helpful tips

Looking to get the most out of your skip bin hire? Here are some handy tips and hacks you can keep in mind.

A cheat way to go around paying for ‘additional items’ is to rip it up. Literally, rip up the extra item! A great example of this is a mattress. If you rip into a mattress and take apart the fabric from the springs, it is no longer a mattress! This means both the springs and fabric can go into the bin for no extra charge.

Similarly, it is worthwhile looking into the type of waste you have. While we do offer mixed waste bins, sometimes it can be more practical getting a separate waste skip, putting the most of your waste in there then throwing/cutting up the rest into your general residential bins if possible.

Skip bin service

Another thing you can do is look out for coupons and discounts! Every now and then, companies such as ourselves will offer specials or vouchers for our skip bin services. We recommend jumping on it and using it while it is valid to ensure you are really getting value.

And if you are looking to pay as little as possible, see if your neighbour is interested in sharing a bin with you. Have a chat and see if they have anything they want to get rid of. You’ll be surprised what they may have!

By going halves with your neighbour, you’ll both save money. For example, if you both need a 3 cubic metre bin, just get a 6 cubic metre skip bin! This way, you have the same amount of space in one go. You know what they say, sharing is caring!

Now that you know how to get value, it is time to come and order your skip bin! Whether you give our friendly team a call or go online, you can trust you’ll have a positive experience with Matt’s Skip Bins.

Offering a range of sizes and different categories, we can guarantee we’ll have a skip for you.

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