Defining skip bin waste types: green waste

Defining skip bin waste types: green waste

Defining skip bin waste types: green waste

Are you looking to book a green waste skip bin? This waste type is one of the most popular for our customers. It is a flexible waste solution, catering to a large amount of green waste materials and various waste situations.

However, it is essential to note that not all green waste can be disposed of in this waste type. There are a lot of objects that can be considered green waste, so it is important to note what can and cannot go into the bin.

Looking to see if this is the right waste type for you? Here is what you need to know about the green waste type.

What is Green Waste?

True to its name, green waste is green materials often generated by the environment. Think of common green waste you see in your backyard – leaves, branches, grass, etc. Green waste is made up of biodegradable items and materials, meaning they don’t negatively impact the environment.

Your backyard and front yard can quickly grow and become wild, especially after frequent rainfall. This is why a green waste skip bin can be a handy waste solution when cleaning or maintaining your yard.

What can be accepted into a green waste skip bin?

If you plan on hiring a green waste skip bin, it is important you understand that only certain types and sizes of green waste are accepted into this bin.

This includes:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Flower trimmings
  • Leaves
  • Tree branches
  • Small stumps
  • Bark
  • Tree clippings

These items are recyclable, and we can process them, sending them back to be reused rather than sent to landfill.

Please note tree trunks and stumps larger than 150mm in diameter are not permitted in our skip bins. If you have large trunks and stumps, please speak to one of our experts or cut down the stumps into smaller portions.

If you are looking to waste other organic materials, such as dirt and clay, please hire our dirt and clay bins.

What situations does green waste often come from

As expected, green waste is generated from the exterior parts of your property – your backyards and front yards. We find areas with dense bushland, vegetation and large properties often require this waste type. This includes council areas such as Hawkesbury, the Hills District, the Blue Mountains and Penrith.

The green waste bin is the go-to for most situations outdoors when clearing your backyard. When removing shrubs and trees and giving the backyard a general cleanup, you will find a lot of excess green waste that needs to be removed and wasted properly.

This waste type is also handy for natural disaster clean-ups. After a natural disaster, you may find your property has a lot of leaves and other vegetation built up or destroyed. With this skip bin, it can be removed from your property efficiently.

Situations that would need the green waste type bin include:

  • Backyard renovations
  • Exterior cleanups
  • Fire season preparations
  • Natural disaster clean-ups
  • Property clearing

To suit your waste situation, this waste type is available in several sizes. For the largest size our green waste is available in, hire the 10 cubic metre skip bin.

Are you interested in booking the green waste type for your next skip bin? Call the professionals at Matt’s Skip Bins! Not only do we provide affordable and affordable skip bin hire to Sydney residents and businesses, but we also have a wide range of sizes available.

For an obligation-free quote, head to our online booking form. For further enquiries or questions about the different waste types, visit our website or contact our friendly team on 02 4708 2927.

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