Beware of third party skip bin comparison booking sites

Beware of third party skip bin comparison booking sites

Whether it’s cleaning out your home or business, or a construction project is in the works, a skip bin will without a doubt make your whole process a lot easier. Both cost effective and convenient, hiring a skip bin will mean you won’t need to make that trip to the tip in order to get rid of your rubbish, which includes paying for the tips services. When looking to hire skip bins in Western Sydney, here’s why you should beware of third party skip bin comparison booking sites.

In the contemporary online world, comparison sites have become extremely popular. While they can be very helpful and do tend to provide a great service, when it comes to skip bin comparison booking sites, you should be wary.

With third party skip bin comparison sites, a large portion of the suppliers who bid for your business will bid very low, sometimes even to the point where it is extremely difficult to make a profit in a legal way. This means that additional costs will likely be added throughout the process so that the company can make a profit.

With these comparison sites, heavily reduced upfront prices are extremely prevalent, and once the bin has been delivered and used by the customer, extra costs are added. While the initial cost will be much lower than any quoted price provided directly from a skip bin hire company in the Penrith area, the payments you make throughout the hire process will total a lot more.

Adding these extra fees after the customer has used the bin allows the company to recover the amount they discounted from the original price. These extra costs usually come in the form of a fee to collect the skip bin and extra charge for excessive weight in the bin.

This usually leads to the disposal cost being more than double the usual disposal cost. Therefore, a lot of the time this will bring the total price of the service to a higher amount than if the customer ordered a bin directly from a company instead of using a comparison website.

When hiring skip bins, always remember – you get what you pay for.

At Matt’s Skip Bins, we care about the customer experience, and this involves offering complete transparency. With our services, there won’t be any hidden costs and the quoted price will be completely clear and firm. For the best bin hire in Sydney, feel free to give us a call on 02 4708 2927 or check out our skip bins online today!

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